About Us

Versyns Ventures was created in 1998 by founder director Dr Chris J Lilly to address business opportunities in the high-tech sector. This work is now handled by our Business Ventures division. Entities created include Med-Tel Europe Ltd, ilotron Ltd, Millennium Cable Co. Ltd, Global Teranet Ltd, First Mile Networks Ltd, and and our most recent exciting opportunity – Quantum Technology Systems Ltd.


It soon became apparent that the expertise of the Versyns Ventures team had much to offer other businesses and Versyns Consulting, a trading division of Versyns Ventures Ltd., was created to address the demand for consultancy services and business support.

Versyns Consulting handles all the consultancy work, which is broadly split into:

1.    Business and management consulting and business support generally

2.   Technical consulting

Contracts have been awarded from businesses and organisations such as Business Link, Sussex Enterprise, Growth Accelerator, Oxford Innovations, Northern Ireland Inward Investment, Quintain Estates & Developement, First Mile Networks Ltd.

We have now worked with and advised over 300 businesses. We also provide mentoring and coaching services to clients in addition to our usual business and technology consulting activity.

In 2011 we were awarded funding from the Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) for the development of advanced telecommunications technology.


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