Our Expertise

UnknownWe have tremendous expertise which can be viewed in two ways:

1   Firstly, we have unusual functional breadth and depth of experience and are able to offer a ‘one stop shop’ offering – covering all busines functions including:  sales & marketing, business strategy, business development, operations, engineering and technology, manufacturing, finance, and human respources.

2  Secondly, our sector expertise is extremely broad, specialising particularly in high-technology, telecoms, healthcare, electronics, optics, engineering, manufacturing, quantum technology and IT sectors, but we can and have helped businesses in most sectors.

As you would expect with a company having a successful track record

such as ours we have tremendous expertise to bring to any project, which we deploy when working with our client businesses.

Our technical experts are typically Chartered Engineers, and Fellows or Members of professional engineering instutions, eg the Institutution of Engineering & Technology (previously the Institution of Electrical Engineers) etc.

Our Business Advisors are all qualified and full Members of the Institute of Consulting and SFEDI qualified. As the UK government recognised standards setting body for Business Enterprise and Business Support, SFEDI produces the National Occupational Standards for consultants advising small and medium sized businesses. As part of our Business Link contract our consultants have SFEDI accredited Business Support (for those working with small businesses) and Business Link Broker (for Business Link staff working with small businesses) awards. We are currently contracted to supply registered and qualified experts as part of the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator programme, which has recently been included within the new over-arching ‘Business is Great‘ programme.

Many consultants are also Members of the Institute of Directors and othe management institutions.

We have experts located throughout the world and can therefore offer a local service on an international scale, if required.

SFEDI = Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative  (http://www.sfedi.co.uk/)

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